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InstaQ features and requests

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This thread is enumerates all InstaQ features.
In the comments below you may post your suggestions and feature requests.

Available features:

  • Multi-account support
  • Proxy support
  • Scrape Instagram posts by hashtag (keyword).
  • Scrape Instagram posts of a user by username.
  • Scrape Instagram users by hashtag (keyword).
  • Like posts
  • Re-post
  • Follow users
  • Import images from your computer
  • Keyword generator tool (version 1 :: scrape Google suggestions)
  • Automatically add URL(s) to the description of your (re-)posts.
  • Automatically remove all URL(s) from scraped posts.
  • Process queue manually in safe-mode (respecting daily limit).
  • Process queue manually forcefully (not respecting daily limit).
  • Autopilot mode (respecting daily limit).
  • Scrape user's followers
  • Scrape user's following
  • Different timeouts per action type.
  • Commenting feature
  • Messaging feature
  • Unfollow non-followers
  • Keyword generator tool (version 2 :: scrape hashtags from external source).
  • Select and start multiple accounts at once.
  • Manual mode running indicator (similar to autopilot light indicator).
  • Scrape images from Tumblr (by keyword)
  • Scrape images from RSS
  • scrape images from any HTML website
  • Do not comment & like own posts
  • Multiple queries ; each per feature (upload, like, follow, ...)
  • Advanced autopilot (starting time range)

Official upcoming features:

  • Queue viewer: indicate #total items, and #items per activity type.
  • Scrape image from Instagram individual URL.
  • Buttons on main for quicker access (toggle on/off) -> no context menu needed.
  • Automatically configure queries for your account based on existing posts/likes.
  • Import accounts from CSV file.
  • Automatically edit images, remove meta data and slightly adjust MD5 hash of image.
  • Scrape images from Pinterest (by keyword, username or boardname)
  • Pre-defined list of texts/hashtags to automatiaclly generate descriptions of posts (Spintax format allowed).
  • Scrape users by criteria
  • Scrape pins by criteria
  • Scrape users based on location (location given as query)
  • Scrape uploads based on location (location given as query)
  • Unfollow users (by criteria)
  • Emoji's in comments support
  • Unfollow on autopilot (any)
  • Scrape users who've liked posts ( :: posts were scraped by either hashtag or username)
  • Automatically mention the original poster's username when you re-post.
  • Notify if email and/or phone verification is required.
  • Multi-source, multi-query manual scrape.
  • Easier statistics in account selector screen.
  • Queue image size zoom in/out.
  • Upload videos
  • Repost videos
  • Automatically adjust video reposts to make them unique (similar to MD5 hash of images)
  • Menu actions: changing any comboboxes, try to preserve already selected value.
  • Scrape usernames and/or scrape pins from @username/followers
  • Account stats (real-time) viewer
  • Notify if follow limit reached (~ #163 AR Error)
  • Bio-editor
  • Shuffle/randomize queue


Requested features by user through email/Skype/other:

  • Scrape images from Reddit (e.g if upvoted by x amount scrape image).

  • Ways to prevent certain words from showing up when a post has been scrabed (e.g no @ mentions allowed).

  • Like 2-3 post after follows.

  • I would really like a feature in the Comments and Likes section, to prevent InstaQ from Liking and Commenting on the accounts I follow. I know for some this might rather be an interesting feature that InstaQ does like and comment your followers. But I value personal interaction with the accounts I follow and I do not want InstaQ placing rather impersonal comments on the posts of these accounts. Maybe there could be a query to exclude interaction with some accounts.

  • Can we have delete posts feature? and maybe inbox viewer.

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It would be great if the "@username/followers" and "@username/following" queries would also work for Likes, not just following.

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Posted (edited)


Awesome to see that the InstaQ team is continuously trying to improve their system (:

Edited by Cal

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Would be awesome to get the unfollow into the Autopilot options

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I'm sure I have unfollowed on autopilot? In fact I know I have because I got blocked by Instagram for unfollowing too fast.

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choose more than one hashtag to like or follow, 

for example: 
only if the post have #timemanagement AND #beach

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